[INDOLOGY] On Bhamati.

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Thanks for your elaboration on Bhamati.However, I am aware of this anecdote.I am looking for some new findings on her life.Thanks.Alakendu Das.

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It is believed that, she was with husband without his knowledge for years. Even on his marriage occasion he was busy reading books. After years have elapsed, one night when  he was writing a commentary on BS,  there was a sudden darkness due to the lack of oil in the lamp. A lady came lit the fire. At that time VM realized he has a wife. He asks about how she managed to earn for living etc, later VM suggests his wife to leave. 
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Respected scholars, "Bhamati" written and composed by Bachaspati Misra  , as a commentary on Shankaracharya' version of Brahma Sutra, takes it's name from  his wife by the same name.It may be a curious query to search if any  records exist about the person named Bhamati, Bachaspati Misra's wife? .... whether she played any significant role in helping her husband compose this Magnum Opus..
        Alakendu Das.

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