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jmdelire jmdelire at ulb.ac.be
Thu Jan 2 11:58:51 UTC 2020

Dear Valerie,

You will find, attached, a long article from the BnF (written, I think, 
by Jérôme Petit) about Indian science, with an important chapter on 
Indian mathematics. I also join a list of books and some articles that 
are not in the BnF references. I agree with Toke about the utility of 
Datta and Singh's books, it is with them, and with the help of Prof Guy 
Mazars, that I discovered - as a mathematician - the history of Indian 
maths (in the 80s ...). Of course, if your correspondant is especially 
interested by some particular aspects of Indian mathematics, I have many 
more references (hundreds of articles) at my (and his/her) disposal, and 
he/she can contact me directly.

Best regards,

Reader on Science et civilisation de l'Inde - Textes sanskrits (IHEB - 
University of Brussels)
Professor of Mathematics and History of mathematics at the Haute Ecole 
de Bruxelles-Brabant

Le 02.01.2020 10:50, Valerie Roebuck via INDOLOGY a écrit :
> Can anyone recommend a good introduction to the history of mathematics
> in India, accessible to a mathematician with no knowledge of Sanskrit
> or other Indian languages?
> Thank you -
> Valerie J Roebuck
> Manchester, UK
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