[INDOLOGY] Free Buddhist Texts Translations for Libraries

David and Nancy Reigle dnreigle at gmail.com
Fri Feb 21 16:47:11 UTC 2020

I have just learned that thanks to a grant, 14-volume sets of English
translations of Buddhist texts published by Kalavinka Press, Seattle, are
available free to college and university libraries and public libraries in
the U.S., Western Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. See attached
announcement. These are translations made from the Chinese. The books can
be requested with or without the Chinese text on facing pages. Descriptions
of these books can be seen at: http://www.kalavinka.org/index.html.
Extensive excerpts from these books can be seen at:
http://www.kalavinka.org/Jewels/jewels_toc.htm. In case the attachment does
not come through to everyone, they can be requested at:
kalavinkapress at gmail.com.

Best regards,

David Reigle
Colorado, U.S.A.

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