[INDOLOGY] Concept of Kaya in Mahayana Buddhism

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Dr.Walser,Thank you very much for elaborating on the issue.Yes, what comes out probably, is that Nirmana Kaya and Dharma Kaya was introduced by Nagarjuna, while Sambhoga Kaya  goes to the credit of VigyanVadins.In fact, I am in possession of a Sutra  from Nagarjuna's "VigrahaVya artani", which has the term "Nirman"Kaya.
Regards.                        Alakendu Das.

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Dear Alakendu,
That all depends on which texts you consider to be authentic to Nagarjuna. He mentions two bodies (the dharmakaya and the rupakaya (presumably = nirmanakaya) in the Ratnavali chapter 3 verses 10-12. He also mentions the Dharmakaya in the Dharmadhatustotra
 and some of the other hymns. I don't think he was aware of the Sambhogakaya, but if you want to admit the authenticity of the Kayatrayastotranama then he was.

For a good discussion of the hymns ascribed to Nagarjuna and the issues around their authenticity, see Drasko Mitrikeski's 2008 dissertation from the University of Sydney.

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Respected Scholars,
About the 3 kayas in Buddhism, namely-Nirmana Kaya, Dharma Kaya, Sambhoga Kaya, I would prefer a question, as to whether they are post -Nagarjuna or framed by Nagarjuna himself?
May I kindly be enlightened on this issue.

Alakendu Das.

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