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On p. 632 of Prof. Olivelle’s edition and translation (Oxford, 2000) he gives more information about this very rare publication, there dated “Samvat 1916 (= 1858 CE)”; you may be interested in his further comments on references to two no longer extant older commentaries:

Ban. ed. A hand-written pothi-style publication with an original commentary by

Dharmâdhikâri Krsnapandita dated Samvat 1916 (= 1858 CE); 25 copies of this were printed

in Benares. I obtained a copy from the Indian Institute Library of the Bodleian in Oxford.

Devanägari; 134 folios; 10 lines on a page; approximately 50 aksaras on a line.


Vasistha has been less faithfully preserved than the other Dharmasutras, probably because it

lacked an early commentary. It appears that one Yajñasvamin did write a commentary on

Vasistha; his comments on VaDh 21.13 are cited by Govinda in his gloss on BDh 2.3.50. L.

Sriniväsächärya, the editor of the 1907 Mysore editon of the BDh, says in his introduction (p.

ii) that Yajñasvamin lived after Yädavaprakäsa but before Yämuna and Rämänuja. He bases

this conclusion on a comment by Vedäntadesika in his Tätparyacandrikä sub-commentary on

Rämänuja's commentary on the Bhagavad Gîta giving a list of commentators on the Gîtâ

prior to Yämuna and Rämänuja: Pisäca, Rantideva, Gupta, Samkara, Yädavaprakäsa,

Bhäskara, Näräyanärya, and Yajñasvamin. The commentary of Yajñasvamin has not

survived. There appears also to have been an ancient commentary by Bhartyajña. It is cited in

several medieval texts: KKT-G 5; KKT-Nk 186; KKT-M 20. But this commentary has not


If anyone has a copy of that pothi-style publication, I too would like to see it.


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Dear colleagues,

Does anyone have a copy, or know of a copy available in North America, of the Vāsiṣṭha-dharmasūtra with the commentary Vidvanmodinī by Kr̥ṣṇa Dharmādhikārī, published in Benares, 1878 [according to the reference in Patrick Olivelle, Dharmasūtras, p. xvi]? I have been unable to find it via the usual channels.

In particular, I am interested in the commentary on the rules for partition of the estate in 17.40-54.

Thanks in advance,

Rich Salomon

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