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Dear Finnian,

You might want to do a search in the Muktabodha digital library for
occurrences of oṁkāra oṅkāra aumkāra and auṅkāra.

That can be done by going to the searchable library of etexts

and in the search field entering <oMkAr>|<oGkAr>|<auMkAr>|<auGkAr>
Its important to enter that exactly.  The angle brackets tell the search
engine you are using Harvard-Kyoto transliteration. The vertical bars mean
"or" and tell it to search for those different variations.  The "a" is left
off the end of the search string so you don't lose any occurrences through
sandhi changes.
Harry Spier

On Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 9:37 AM Finnian M.M. Gerety via INDOLOGY <
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> Dear Colleagues—
> (Apologies for cross-posting). As some of you may know, I’ve been working
> for the last few years on a monograph on the history of OM in early India.
> The scope of this project, covering some 2000 years from Veda through
> Tantra, has compelled me to work on texts and materials far afield from my
> training in Vedic studies. Along the way, I’ve greatly benefited from the
> expertise of colleagues working in other domains, including many members of
> this list. I’m grateful to those who have shared their research and ideas
> with me so far…
> Now I’d like to reach out with another query. Having completed my basic
> research on OM in the Vedas, Dharma texts, Yoga texts, and Epics, I’m now
> delving into the Purāṇas and Hindu Tantra. I hope that some of you can help
> me hone in on key material in these massive textual corpora. While
> recommendations on secondary literature would be useful, my priority is to
> collect passages from primary texts. My aim is not to be comprehensive, but
> rather to choose excerpts and case studies that give insights into how OM
> is used and interpreted in these traditions. So passages that either
> exemplify broad trends or represent notable exceptions are especially
> welcome.
> Please send any info to me off-list at finnian_moore-gerety at
> Thanks in advance!
> Yours,
> Finnian M.M. Gerety
> Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
> [Affiliated] Faculty of Contemplative Studies and Center for
> Contemporary South Asia
> Brown University
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