Re: [INDOLOGY] PDF Request: Nāgeśa's Uddyota (at least for Adhyāyas 2&3) and Ramanujacharya, N.S. 1966 "Kriyāviśeṣaṇānāṃ karmatvam"

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Thu Dec 24 21:47:57 UTC 2020

Dear All,

Thanks to this list being a real kalyāṇakalpataru, I have received links to
Nāgeśa's Uddyota and am deeply thankful for them. Ramanujacharya's article
about adverbs (Ramanujacharya N.S. 1966 "Kriyā-viśeṣaṇānāṃ
karmatvam" SVUOJ 9, Sanskrit section,: 9-14) seems more difficult to come
by, but I am not losing hope that this wish, too, may be granted.


On Thu, Dec 24, 2020 at 6:54 PM Blinderman, Radha <rblinderman at>

> Dear All,
> Apologies if I am asking for too much in my holiday text-hoarding frenzy,
> but could someone share or let me know where I can find Nāgeśa's Uddyota
> (at least for Adhyāyas 2&3) and this article mentioned in Cardona's survey
> of research: ‘Ramanujacharya, N.S. 1966 "Kriyā-viśeṣaṇānāṃ
> karmatvam" [Adverbs as objects], SVUOJ 9 (Sanskrit section): 9-14. [In
> Sanskrit]'. I spent a lot of time trying to track this article, but to no
> avail so far.
> Gratefully as ever,
> Radhika

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