[INDOLOGY] PDF request: Bhoja's Sarasvatīkaṇṭhābharaṇavyākaraṇa

Blinderman, Radha rblinderman at g.harvard.edu
Wed Dec 23 20:10:24 UTC 2020

Dear All,

Does any one happen to have a PDF of Bhoja's grammar, the
*Sarasvatīkaṇṭhābharaṇa, *or at least some portion of it? I am particularly
interested in the section dealing with kārakas. Unfortunately I cannot find
a PDF online, and the libraries that I have access to do not have it, so I
would be grateful for any portion of the text or advice where I could get
it. Thank you in advance, and happy holidays!

 सादरं भवदीया,

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