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Dear Michael,
Congratulations to you and all the distinguished contributors! I have been
eagerly awaiting the publication of this book for a while and am delighted
by this announcement. It is a major step towards making widely available
the treasure trove of narratives concerning the tremendous variety of
goddess-traditions spread out all over the subcontinent.

Looking forward to purchasing my personal copy.
With best wishes

Bihani Sarkar BA (English, First Class Honours), MPhil, D.Phil (Sanskrit),

Lecturer (hourly paid) in Religious Studies: Hinduism and Buddhism,
University of Winchester (January-May 2021).
Associate Faculty Member Oriental Institute, University of Oxford
Research Member of Common Room, Wolfson College, University of Oxford

*Heroic Shāktism: The Cult of Durgā in Ancient Indian Kingship*:

*Classical Sanskrit Tragedy: the concept of suffering and pathos in
Medieval India*:

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On Tuesday, December 22, 2020, Michael Slouber via INDOLOGY <
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> Dear colleagues,
> I am delighted to announce the publication of *A Garland of Forgotten
> Goddesses*: *Tales of the Feminine Divine from India and Beyond* (UC
> Press).
> It is an anthology of primary source stories, each followed with a brief
> essay describing the historical and social context. I designed it as a
> teaching resource, but it also highlights cutting-edge research since none
> of these sources were previously available in translation (and several had
> never been published in their original languages).  A diverse range of
> sources includes a passage from the c.6th century *Skanda Purana*,
> exciting narratives and visualization guides from early-medieval Tantras,
> literature from Nepal and Indonesia highlighting women and their
> relationship with goddesses, local Puranas, songs, and stories translated
> from modern booklets marketed to pilgrims.
> Preface
> Introduction
> *I Demons and Battle*
> 1. Bhadrakāḷī: Slaying the Demon in the Backwaters — Noor van Brussel
> 2. Cāmuṇḍi and Uttanahaḷḷi: Sisters of the Mysuru Hills — Caleb Simmons
> 3. Kauśikī: The Virgin Demon-Slayer — Judit Törzsök
> 4. The Seven Mothers: Origin Tales from Two Early-Medieval Purāṇas —
> Shaman Hatley
> *II Miracles and Devotees*
> 5. Svasthānī: Goddess of One’s Own Place — Jessica Vantine Birkenholtz
> 6. Kailā Devī: The Great Goddess as Local Avatar of Miracles — R. Jeremy
> Saul
> 7. Bahucarā Mātā: She Who Roams Widely — Darry Dinnell
> 8. Rāṣṭrasenā: Hawk Goddess of the Mewar Mountains — Adam Newman
> *III Tantras and Magic*
> 9. Rangda in the Calon Arang: A Tale of Magic — Thomas M. Hunter and Ni
> Wayan Pasek Ariati
> 10. Tvaritā: The Swift Goddess — Michael Slouber
> 11. Kāmeśvarī: Visualizing the Goddess of Desire — Anna A. Golovkova
> 12. Avyapadeśyā: Indefinable Kālī — Olga Serbaeva
> Glossary
> List of Names (Deities and Characters)
> Primary Sources
> Bibliography
> Excerpts are available at the UC Press
> <https://www.ucpress.edu/book/9780520375758/a-garland-of-forgotten-goddesses>
> website and through Amazon
> <https://www.amazon.com/Garland-Forgotten-Goddesses-Feminine-Divine/dp/0520375750/>,
> and I have also been highlighting the original artwork commissioned for the
> book and posting passages from the sources on my blog
> <https://garudam.info>.
> Happy holidays and stay safe,
> Michael
> Michael Slouber, Ph.D.
> Associate Professor, South Asian Studies
> Global Humanities and Religions
> Western Washington University

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