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Dear Professor Jha,

     There is a verse in Līlāśuka's Kr̥ṣṇakarṇāmr̥ta that uses this

शैवा वयम् न खलु तत्र विचारणीयम्
पङ्चाक्षरीजपपरा नितराम् तथापि।
चेतो अस्मदीयम् अतसीकुसुमावभासम्
स्मेराननम् स्मरति गोपवधूकिशोरम्॥ २-२४

I don't know if you are looking for this verse.

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> Dear  Colleagues,
> Could anyone kindly give the complete form of a Shloka of Adi
> Shankaracharya of which the last Stanza is अतसीकुसुमावभासम्.
> In this Shloka Acharya intends to say that
> I am a Sanyasin,always chanting शिव पञ्चाक्षरी and meditating on Nirguna
> Brahman but when that child of divine beauty having colour of the atasi
> flower comes to my mind I forget everything and get enchanted.
> Thanks in advance,
> Regards
> Girish K.Jha
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> Dept of Sanskrit
> Patna University
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