[INDOLOGY] Terminology in Monier-Williams dictionary

Harry Spier vasishtha.spier at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 04:12:36 UTC 2020

Dear list members,
About 36 definitions in Monier-Williams dictionary are prefixed with "(only
L.)".  Does this have a different meaning than his use of the abbreviation

I was under the impression that the abbreviation "L." also meant that
the meaning was only found in the lexicons.

For example one of the definitions for sāraṅga in Monier-williams is:

(only L. , ‘an elephant; lion; cloud; tree; umbrella; parasol; garment;
clothes; hair; lotus; flower; conch-shell; sort of musical instrument;
ornament; jewel; gold; a bow; sandal; camphor; the earth; light; night’)

The corresponding entry in Bohtlink-Roth lists the lexicons.

Harry Spier

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