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Wed Apr 29 15:17:17 UTC 2020

Dear listmembers,

anyone of you came probably across a description of someone  who is 
adorned with a /rattamāla/ "a red garland of flowers"
And: Where, at which part of the body, he wears this garland?
I found two quotations in Jātakas: Here in each case it is a executioner 
(/vadhaka/, /coraghātaka/) who is adorned with a /rattamāla/.
The artists of the last centuries painted the executioner with a garland 
hanging around his neck or even across his upper body.
But there is another quotation, in the Vessantara-Jātaka, where the 
Brahmin Jūjaka is adorned ... /dvīsu kaṇṇesu ratta-mālā/ ...= with a 
garland of flowers bound at each of his two ears.

I think a /rattamāla /original adorned the ears. But I need textual 
Someone can help?

Thank you


Dr. Rolf Heinrich Koch

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