[INDOLOGY] A distraction from the Coronavirus

Christian Ferstl christian.ferstl at univie.ac.at
Wed Apr 29 06:30:47 UTC 2020

Kuśa and Lava are asking:

सामाजिकं नु वल्मीके
दूरीकरणमाश्रयेत् ।
कथं वा वर्जनीयो ऽसौ
कोविडेकोनविंशतिः ॥

Should one resort to social distancing in an anthill,
or how can that Covid-19 be avoided?

Christian Ferstl

Am 28.04.2020 15:29, schrieb Madhav Deshpande via INDOLOGY:
> A distraction from the Coronavirus
> शिरांसि येषां जटिलानि
> केशै:
> किं नापितै: कार्यमिहास्ति
> तेषाम् ।
> न स्पर्शभीतिर्न धनव्ययो
> वा
> जटाधरास्ते खलु भाग्यवन्त:
> ।।
> Those who have matted hair on their heads, what purpose do they have
> with barbers? They have no fear of contracting the Coronavirus, nor
> any expenditures. The people with matted hair are really fortunate.
> Madhav M. Deshpande
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