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Sat Apr 25 13:43:27 UTC 2020

Dear esteemed members,

Greetings from the Department of Philosophy, Manipal Academy of Higher
Education (MAHE), India!

As the present COVID crisis has altered the way we live and interact with
each other, it is imminent to explore the nature and scope of such global
phenomena concerning human existence and experience drawing on
cross-disciplinary perspectives to grapple with crises efficiently.

As a constituent of the Faculty of Liberal Arts, the Department of
Philosophy <http://manipal.edu/philosophy.html> – Manipal institutes
teaching and research activities in the areas of Humanities and Social
Sciences through academic programs, projects, publications and events. The
Department offers a *Master’s *in* Indian Philosophy
program that involves critical and interdisciplinary engagements with
philosophical discourses and introduces philosophising as a skill set which
students can incorporate in their approach (further studies/research) to
other academic fields, and as a professional competence necessary for
diverse career pursuits.

*Program’s highlights*

   - Research-oriented focus on epistemology, ontology, axiology and
   - Acquisition and proficiency in Sanskrit language
   - Comparative and interdisciplinary approach
   - Integrating traditional and modern pedagogy
   - Interactions with scholars of international repute
   - Worldwide collaborations for study/research opportunities
   - *Year exit option with Postgraduate Diploma*

This niche program has been designed to accommodate students from diverse
academic backgrounds and offers ample exposure to a variety of
philosophical subjects such as epistemology, metaphysics, ethics and
aesthetics. To know more about the program, you may please click here -
https://bit.ly/3atm8Lk. You may please share the information with all those

Thank you for your support.


Dr Arjuna S R
Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy
Sixth Floor, Advanced Research Centre
Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)
Madhav Nagar, Manipal 576104

Contact: +91-8106783000

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