[INDOLOGY] pdf request

Tim Felix Aufderheide timfelixaufderheide at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 10:16:27 UTC 2020

Dear List,

does anybody happen to have PDFs of the following books:

(1) Scharfe, H. 1971. Panini's Metalanguage.

(2) Bhate, S. and Kar, Y. 1993.Word index to the Vākyapadīya of 
Bhartr̥hari, together with the complete text of the Vākyapadīya.

(3) Oberlies, Th. 1989. Studie zum Cāndravyākaraṇa : eine kritische 

It goes without saying, any help would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance and best regards


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