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Dear All,

The generosity and efforts of all concerned are marvellous and deserve the utmost admiration of all including a nit-picking nobody like my humble self.

Unfortunately, under Tome 4 one can find Tome VI (the same file as under Tome 6), but the proper Tome IV (Les hymnes to Viśvedevāḥ) is missing. I have the correct file at my disposal and am willing to share it, but 7,6 MB is probably too large to attach. 

Technically, I am not sure how to upload it to the Archive.org. Any help?

Best regards,

Jan Filipsky, Prague


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Through the effort and generosity of colleagues, we now have all 17 vols of Renou's journal, 1955-1969.  They are available at the Archive.org, at 

*	 <https://n2t.net/ark:/13960/t3d01wt5n> https://n2t.net/ark:/13960/t3d01wt5n

The previews will appear in the next few hours.


Best wishes and thanks again to the contributors (I did nothing).




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