[INDOLOGY] Request for two articles

Richard G. Salomon rsalomon at uw.edu
Sat Apr 11 21:32:08 UTC 2020

Dear list members,

Because my university library is closed indefinitely, I have been unable to
access the following two articles, and also have not succeeded in locating
them online. If anyone has copies of them, or access to them, or knows how
to get online access, I would appreciate the assistance:

1. V.V. Mirashi, "Mandasor Fragmentary Inscription of Kumāravarman," *Journal
of the Oriental Institute (Baroda)* 32, 1983, pp. 70-75.
2. D.C. Sircar, "King Kumāravarman of Daśapura," in S.D. Joshi, ed.,
Professor R.N. Dandekar Felicitation Volume *(Delhi: Ajanta Publications,
1984), pp. 391-94.

Thanks in advance,
Rich Salomon

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