[INDOLOGY] A distraction from the Coronavirus

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A distraction from the Coronavirus

ब्राह्मणा: श्रमणा: द्वन्द्वयुद्धं ते कुर्वते मिथ: ।
कोरोनादुर्दिने तेषां समाहार: कथं वद ।।

The Brahmans and the (Buddhist/Jain) ascetics engage in hand-to-hand combat
with each other. Tell me how they could be bunched together during the
pandemic of the Coronavirus?

[Pāṇini 2.4.9 (येषां च विरोध: शाश्वतिक:) prescribes a samāhāra-dvandva
compound for those who are permanently opposed to each other. The stock
example of Samāhāra-Dvandva is ब्राह्मणश्रमणम्].

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