[INDOLOGY] Mayavada (was Lines to an Advaitin)

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Thu Apr 9 07:29:02 UTC 2020

Though it may be a little bit out of context,,Mayavada acts synonymously with the other epithets which describes Sankara's philosophy namely, VivartaVada or Adwaitya Vada.In fact, Absolute Monism is better explained by the latter two terms, rather than by Mayavada.Avidya or Mithya Gnyan( I e false epistemology) is the.cause while, our failure to realise the Brahmana within ourselves, is the effect .This effect is felt through the power of Brahmana i.e.Maya.However,I am not aware of any sect hailing  Adwaitya Vadins as Maya Vadins, though the roots of the word Maya. can be found in the Upanishads ( namely Mundaka Upanishad....".....MayamatramIdamDwaitwamAdwaityamParamarthato...")Alakendu Das.

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