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Roland Steiner steiner at staff.uni-marburg.de
Sun Apr 5 13:25:19 UTC 2020

> Please excuse my awkward previous stanza! This version is now
> corrected and improved by Girish K. Jha:
> हा हेति भूपा मुनिपुंगवाश्च
> सर्वे विलेपुः सहभृत्यलोकाः ।
> वृथैव सीते वयमागताः स्मो
> न स्पर्शनीये तव पादपद्मे ॥

Just for the indological record (without wanting to encourage or  
discourage anyone here):
1. /padma /is also used as a masculine (examples: /rāghavaś  
cintayitvaivam upetya caraṇau pituḥ /
haṃsaḫ padmāv iva navau jagrāha nakhakesarau/; or:/ adya tv atitarāṃ  
brahman mama bhāgyaviparyayāt /
himenevāhataḫ padmas sampanno haritaẖ kṛśaḥ/). 2. The metre in the  
"original" stanza is a (correct) Upajāti. Now it is a (correct)  


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