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Dear David,

     Your scan of the edition by Jagannatha Upadhyaya triggered my memory
of his visit to the University of Michigan probably sometime in the 1980s.
He gave a talk in Sanskrit and I translated it into English for the
audience.  Best,


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On Sat, Apr 4, 2020 at 11:54 AM David and Nancy Reigle via INDOLOGY <
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> Dear Dominik,
> I was also hoping that someone might have one or both of these texts typed
> up. But after three days without a reply, I must assume not. Many years ago
> I input the *Kālacakra-tantra*. This was done in a long since
> discontinued program (Pagemaker 4 for Mac), before the days of unicode, in
> a custom diacritic font made by a friend. I was able to transfer the files
> into a Word document, move it to a PC, and do search-and-replace for the
> diacritic letters to make them unicode. However, it has never been
> proofread. This would require many days.
> Perhaps your specific interest is in the second chapter, which has a lot
> pertaining to medicine. If so, I could try to proofread that chapter and
> hopefully send it to you in maybe a week. If you need to check something
> sooner, I could try to search it for you.
> For the *Kālacakra-tantra* itself, the 1985 edition by Biswanath Banerjee
> is often better than the tantra as included in the *Vimalaprabhā*
> edition, with the caveat that Banerjee's edition has a lot of misprints.
> The first volume of the *Vimalaprabhā* edition, including chapters 1 and
> 2, was published in 1986. This volume was done before Banerjee's edition
> came out. So Jagannatha Upadhyaya adopted the text of the tantra from a
> paper manuscript (his ms. ka), a very good paper manuscript, but not as
> good as some of the old palm-leaf manuscripts used by Banerjee. By the way,
> a better scan of this *Vimalaprabhā* volume is here:
> The other two volumes of the *Vimalaprabhā* edition seem sometimes to
> have adopted Banerjee's readings for the tantra, and sometimes not. There
> are quite a few errors in the edition of the *Vimalaprabhā* commentary
> itself. Leaving aside the ever-present typos, most of the errors resulted
> from adopting readings from the later paper manuscripts against those of
> the two old palm-leaf manuscripts they used, which latter were normally
> supported by the Tibetan translation. So if you see a variant reading in
> the footnotes saying that such and such is in mss. ga and ca, the two old
> palm-leaf manuscripts, that reading is almost always the correct one;
> especially when it is supported by the Tibetan translation, as it usually
> is (designated as bho). The same institute that published this edition of
> the *Vimalaprabhā* is preparing a new edition, which will likely correct
> these errors, since they now have more palm-leaf manuscripts to collate.
> Lastly, the first ever publication of the *Kālacakra-tantra*, by Raghu
> Vira and Lokesh Chandra in 1966, still has some value. Those two editors
> just wanted to make the text available, so they did not take the time to
> compare it with the Tibetan translation that they published along with it
> (as long ago noted by Helmut Hoffmann). Occasionally it has the correct
> reading when the other two editions do not (e.g., aṇutanuja in 1.25c,
> rather than anutanuja). Sometimes all three editions are wrong (e.g. guror
> in 1.2d, rather than guro). I have posted only this edition of the tantra,
> because at the time, Banerjee's edition was still in print. It can be found
> here:
> Best regards,
> David Reigle
> Colorado, U.S.A.
> On Wed, Apr 1, 2020 at 11:36 AM Dominik Wujastyk via INDOLOGY <
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>> Has anyone typed up some or all of the *Kālacakratantra* and/or the
>> *Vimalaprabhā* commentary?  Ideally from the
>>  Upādhyāya, J.; Rinpoche, S.; Dvivedī, V. & Bahulakar, S. S. (Eds.),  *Śrimañjuśrīyaśoviracitasya
>> paramādibuddhoddhṛtasya ŚrīLaghukālacakratantrarājasya Kalkinā
>> Śrīpuṇḍarīkeṇa viracitā ṭīkā Vimalaprabhā = Vimalaprabhāṭīkā of Kalkin
>> Śrīpuṇḍarīka on Śrīlaghukālacakratantrarāja by Śrīmañjuśrīyaśas
>> <>*, 1986-1994, 3v.
>> edition.
>> Best,
>> Dominik
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