[INDOLOGY] Vocatives of goddesses names in tantric texts (was NGMCP descriptive catalogue)

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> 1. (!) seems to mean [sic], that is, it marks an incorrect form.
> Some of those irregular forms are  vocatives of names of the goddess with
long i on the end where it should have been short i.

ghorarūpe mahārāve sarvvasatrukṣayaṃkari
bhaktebhyo varade devī(!) trāhi māṃ saranāgataṃ 1

jaṭājūṭasamāyukte lolajihvānukāriṇī(!)
drutabuddhikare devī(!) trāhi māṃ saranāgataṃ 2

I.e. devī and  lolajihvānukāriṇī but these are mixed with a correct form
vocative sarvvasatrukṣayaṃkari .

In other texts I've seen the vocative for  the goddess mahāśakti  written
as mahāśakti not as  mahāśakte. also mixed in with correct forms of

Does this mean that in the tantric literature, non-standard vocatives are
common for goddesses whose names end in long or short i ?

Are these irregularities what are known as the irregularities of  aiśa
sanskrit or is that term only for irregularities of the earliest tantras?

Harry Spier

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> Dear list members,
> 1. What does (!) mean  in a NGMCP descriptive catalogue record  See for
> example this catalogue record
> *http://catalogue-old.ngmcp.uni-hamburg.de/mediawiki/index.php/A_1215-58(1)_Lamb%C4%81stutistotra
> <http://catalogue-old.ngmcp.uni-hamburg.de/mediawiki/index.php/A_1215-58(1)_Lamb%C4%81stutistotra>*
> 2. What is the status of the descriptive catalogue.  I.e. how much is
> completed?  Is the project still on-going?
> Thanks,
> Harry Spier
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