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Dear Mr Das,

You may refer to *Dictionary of Nyaya Terms* of Prof V N Jha, published by
Centre of Advanced Study in Sanskrit, Pune which is in English. If you can
refer to Prof Bhimacharya Jhalkikar's *Nyayakosha* published by Bhandarkar
Oriental Research Institute, Pune which is in Sanskrit will be great and

Here is the meaning of these words for your immediate reference.

1) Annyay - I am not able to understand exactly what is the word you are
referring to.
I assume it might be Anvaya and there are five meanings for that.
     a) relations between two positive entities - भावयोः साहचर्यं यत्
अन्वयं तत् प्रचक्षते |
     b) the presence of what is produced in the locus of cause -
कारणाधिकरणे कार्यस्य सत्त्वम् |
     c) sentence - meaning
     d) relation - पदार्थयोरन्वयो द्विविधः |
     e) invariable concomitance of probans in general with the probandum in
general - साध्यसामान्येन साध्यसामान्यस्य व्याप्तिरन्वयः

2) vyatireka (in vyatireka-vyapti) =  pervasion of difference or
dissimilitude, a comprehensive argument derived from negation or
non-existence of certain qualities (refer to:
https://sanskrit.inria.fr/MW/252.html#H_vyatireka/ opposite to anvaya

3) Vyapti =
  a) invariable concomitance - व्याप्तिः अविनाभावः नित्यसाहचर्यमित्यर्थः |
  b) a natural relation between sadhya and sadhana - स्वभावतः साध्येन
साधनस्य व्याप्तिरविनाभावः
  c) invariable concomitance is one type of a causal relationship between a
proban and a probandum - वह्निधूमयोः कार्यकारणभावलक्षणैव व्याप्तिः
  d) invariable and inseparable connection

4) Ativyapti = over-application - लक्ष्यवृत्तित्वे सति अलक्ष्यवृत्तित्वम्

5) Avyapti = Narrow-application - लक्ष्यैकदेश-अवृत्तित्वम् अव्याप्तिः

Thank you.

*Dr Arjuna S R*
*Assistant Professor*
*Department of Philosophy*
*Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal*

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> To all,
> Can anybody kindly help me with the English equivalents of the following
> terminologies used frequently in Nyay-
> 1.Annyay
> 2.Byatireka
> 3Vyapti
> 4.Ativyapti
> 5.Avyapti.
>    ,.         Alakendu Das.
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