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Valerie Roebuck vjroebuck at btinternet.com
Wed May 15 19:17:36 UTC 2019

Dear Friends

Help! I am in the final stages of trying to sort out a bibliography of the known Dharmapada and Udānavarga literature. I innocently thought the surviving Tocharian fragments of the Udānavarga were all in Tocharian A (e.g. the ones collected in http://titus.fkidg1.uni-frankfurt.de/texte/tocharic/thtind10.htm <http://titus.fkidg1.uni-frankfurt.de/texte/tocharic/thtind10.htm>). But now I have come across MIchaël Peyrot’s article on Sanskrit-Tocharian B Udānavarga fragments. https://www.academia.edu/10462642/Peyrot_2008_More_Sanskrit_Tocharian_B_bilingual_Udānavarga_fragments?auto=download <https://www.academia.edu/10462642/Peyrot_2008_More_Sanskrit_Tocharian_B_bilingual_Ud%C4%81navarga_fragments?auto=download> 

Were there two distinct Tocharian versions of the Udānavarga? And are all the surviving fragments bilingual Sanskrit-Tocharian? The deadline looms...

Many thanks -

Valerie J Roebuck
Manchester, UK

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