[INDOLOGY] Rules of conduct

Stefan Baums baums at lmu.de
Sun Jun 30 21:26:05 UTC 2019

Dear Indology list,

all members of this list are reminded to abide by our rules of

   5. Rules of conduct: Full members will be expected to maintain
   commonly-accepted standards of decorum in their postings to the
   group. Contributions are expected to be polite and
   well-considered. Members who violate these standards will be
   warned and may have their membership privileges suspended or
   revoked if the behaviour continues. In particular, personal
   attacks of an ad-hominem nature, rude language, and off-topic
   postings are violations of the list rules. The definition and
   understanding of what constitutes improper use of the forum
   shall be a matter for the Governing Committee. Members must be
   familiar with the standard rules of netiquette, such as those
   in RFC 1855 [RFC 1855 Netiquette Guidelines].

as laid down in list’s Scope and Guidelines


In light of his most recent post, Arnaud Fournet’s list account
has been set to moderated status, to ensure immediately that no
further posts of his that violate our rules of conduct reach the
list, as the committee discusses further steps.

Let us please return to a civil and mutually respectful
conversation on Indological topics.

With best regards,
Stefan Baums
(Indology committee member on duty)

Stefan Baums, Ph.D.
Institut für Indologie und Tibetologie
Ludwig‐Maximilians‐Universität München

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