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Although I have no intention to attend it: thanks for sending us this
timely information that it is taking place and an open call for papers.
I am also happy to see critical remarks and *brief* discussions on possible
problems in the organization and motivation of this and other indological
events, but hope that this List will remain a place where scholars,
regardless of their political, philosophical, ethical ... orientation, will
continue to feel welcome to announce their conferences and "conferences".
Best regards,
Jan Houben

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> Hello All,
> Attached below is the CFP for AAIS conference. Please plan to join us for
> the First Annual Conference.
> Please circulate the CFP widely.
> Thank you.
> Lavanya
> Call for Papers for the Inaugural Conference of
> American Academy of Indic Studies
> The American Academy Of Indic Studies (AAIS) is a scholarly,
> non-political, non-religious, and non-profit academy for scholars and
> students interested in Indic civilization. We work with the objective to
> promote study and research of Indic Civilization in Academia. More info at
> www.AAIndicStudies.org <http://www.aaindicstudies.org>
> For its inaugural conference, AAIS invites proposals for scholarly
> presentations on the issues of ‘Indic Civilization and Postcolonialism’. We
> invite proposals from a broad category of academic disciplines to submit
> their research in the processes and endeavors of postcolonialism of Indic
> wisdom and traditions.
> The objective of this conference is to explore the influences of the
> ‘Occident’ and ‘Modernity’ on the Indic intellectual culture and society at
> large. It will be highly valuable to evaluate those influences and
> investigate attempts towards drafting a long term agenda towards
> postcolonialism. An inquiry into the structural, procedural, or attitudinal
> obstacles to better incorporate postcolonialism is the prime intent under
> consideration. The plan is to appraise what you think would be the ideal
> arrangement for systematic investigation, publication, and dialogue over
> the coming decade, in order to involve mainstream academia in the process
> of postcolonialism.
> The deadline for abstract submissions is Oct 15th
> Conference Date: Feb 20-22, 2020
> Conference Venue: Dallas, Texas in affiliation with https://www.naaas.org
> Conference Proceedings: To be announced.
> *Lavanya Vemsani*
> Ph.D (History) Ph.D. (Religious Studies)
> Professor, Dept. of Social Sciences
> Shawnee State University
> President, *Ohio Academy of History *
> Co-founder, *American Academy of Indic Studies *
> Editor-in-Chief
> *American Journal of Indic Studies*
> Managing Editor
> *International Journal of Indic Religions *
> *Associate Editor *
> *-Canadian Journal of History *
> *-Air Force Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs*
> http://www.shawnee.edu/academics/social-sciences/faculty/lvemsani.aspx
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