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Dear Bill,

The paper that you refer to by Yano, "The Nakṣatra system of
the Atharvaveda-Pariśiṣṭa", 2009, does not show up in his list of

Is it available somewhere? I could not find it. Thanks.

Best regards,

David Reigle
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> Dear Jean,
> Thank you for the Thibaut reference. It seems indeed easier to explain the
> differences using an accretive model. Especially since a sidereal month is
> 27.3 days, 27 may be a nice rounded number, and Abhijit was added later to
> account for the remainder. Furthermore, in the unequal nakṣatra system
> Abhijit was always made very small both in terms of measurement of arcs on
> the ecliptic and the duration traversed by the Moon. I am however cautious
> and I try to imagine in my head a pūrvapakṣa trying to explain how 28 could
> have become 27 instead!
> Using VJ as a historical point of reference is not so easy. As Pingree and
> others have pointed out (Pingree, *jyotiḥśāstra*, 1981), there are
> evidences that there are layers of astronomical materials from different
> periods, and for other philological reasons he dated VJ to 400 B.C.
> Astronomically speaking, one finds in VJ the 27 nakṣatras beginning with
> Kṛttikā as in the Vedic *saṃhitās*. But then they were used not as
> constellations, but equal divisions of 13;20 deg on the ecliptic. More
> clues of this adaptation may be gleaned from Somākara’s *Bhāṣya*. Yano
> ("The Nakṣatra system of the Atharvaveda-Pariśiṣṭa", 2009) pointed out that
> the initial point of ecliptic coordinate in VJ was placed not at Kṛttikā or
> as later at Aśvnī, but rather in between at Bharaṇī 10 deg. So there is a
> handful of information to be disentangled.
> Best regards,
> Bill
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