[INDOLOGY] Continuing my Krishna verses

Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at umich.edu
Tue Jun 25 13:54:41 UTC 2019

Continuing my Krishna verses

करग्रहेण ते कृष्ण गतं मे पतनाद् भयम् ।
अधश्चोर्ध्वं त्वमेवासि सर्वाधारोऽसि सर्वत: ।।७८०।।

As you are holding my hand, my fear of falling is gone. You are above and
below, and you are the support of all from all sides.

Madhav M. Deshpande
Professor Emeritus, Sanskrit and Linguistics
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Senior Fellow, Oxford Center for Hindu Studies

[Residence: Campbell, California, USA]

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