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Mon Jun 24 10:31:30 UTC 2019

Dear Colleagues,

Claire Brizon (cc-ed), a colleague from the Bern University, recently sent
me photographs of palm-leaf manuscripts brought in the 18th century from
India to Switzerland by Swiss mercenaries (Polier, Villaret).

I could identify the language and script of 2 Tamil manuscripts. There are
4 other items: in Malayalam, Singhalese and Telugu/Kannada, it seems.

Could knowledgeable ones kindly confirm/infirm my guesses and say more
about the contents of the manuscripts?

Here are the pictures:


Please contact directly Claire Brizon <claire.brizon at ikg.unibe.ch>.

If you are interested in studying these manuscripts, Claire Brizon will do
her best to get more pictures.

With very best wishes.
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