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Professor ,Thank you for your elaboration on the issue in question.However,your last line evokes interest in me.It is mentioned in the introduction toSDS,that Madhavacharya,acted as Prime Minister to the Founder monarchs of the Vijaynagar empire namely Harihar or Bukka,and later came to be known as VidyaRanya Muni in his later ages,when he endorsed Sankara's views and became the Prefect(Adhakshya) of the Sringeri Math laid down by Sankara.
      Alakendu Das.
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A nuanced discussion of the problem of the authorship of the SDS (which includes the evaluation of Thakur's arguments) is available in Jon Yamashita's thesis: A Translation and Study of the Pāṇinidarśana Chapter of the Sarvadarśanasaṅgraha (1998), pp. 22–32. It is partly inconclusive:

In conclusion, both internal and external evidence suggests that the author of the Sarvadarśanasaṅgraha was not Mādhavācārya, the elder brother of Sāyaṇa. Rather, the author must have been at least a generation later than Mādhavācārya. Two possible candidates which have been proposed are [1] the son of Sāyaṇa — whose name Māyaṇa is to be considered a corruption or regional form of "Mādhava", and [2] Cannibhaṭṭa, the naiyāyika author of the Tarkabhāṣāprakāśikā – either independently or as part of a committee. There is no direct proof to support either choice; the available evidence, however, allows each to be given serious consideration as possible candidates for the authorship. At most, we can say with certainty that under either claim, the Sarvadarśanasaṅgraha would have been composed during the fourteenth century under the patronage of the Vijayanagara court. (p. 31)


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> In fact, the late Anantalal Thakur demonstrated that the SDS was NOT written by दreg;ाधवाचार्यः but by his protege, the logician Cannibhaṭṭa.
> He provides his evidence, which is entirely convincing, here:
> Anantalal Thakur, “Cannibhaṭṭa and the authorship of the Sarvadarśanasaṃgraha,” Bulletin of the Adyar Library 25
> (1961): 524–538.
> It is odd that few seem to have taken note of Thakur's impressive detective work and that most still attribute the SDS to दreg;ाधवा.
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> Matthew
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> No, Purnaprajna Darsana is founded by Madhvacarya श्रीदreg;ध्वाचार्याः
> And the author of Sarvadarsana sangraha is Madhavacharya
> दreg;ाधवाचार्यः
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> Respected scholars,
> As, presently I am deeply involved in preparing an article on BrahmaSutra's interpretations,I do need to clarify one doubt .Are Madhavacharya of "Sarvadarshan Samgraha" and Madhavacharya of "PurnaPragnyaDarshan" fame one and identical?
> If , anybody may kindly help me out.
> Alakendu Das.
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