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In fact, the late Anantalal Thakur demonstrated that the SDS was NOT written by माधवाचार्यः but by his protege, the logician Cannibhaṭṭa.

He provides his evidence, which is entirely convincing, here:
Anantalal Thakur, “Cannibhaṭṭa and the authorship of the Sarvadarśanasaṃgraha,” Bulletin of the Adyar Library 25
(1961): 524–538.

It is odd that few seem to have taken note of Thakur's impressive detective work and that most still attribute the SDS to माधवा.

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No, Purnaprajna Darsana is founded by Madhvacarya श्रीमध्वाचार्याः
And the author of Sarvadarsana sangraha is Madhavacharya

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Respected scholars,
As, presently I am deeply involved in preparing an article on BrahmaSutra's interpretations,I do need to clarify one doubt .Are Madhavacharya of "Sarvadarshan Samgraha" and Madhavacharya of "PurnaPragnyaDarshan" fame one and identical?
If , anybody may kindly help me out.
Alakendu Das.

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