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Sat Jun 1 07:09:59 UTC 2019

Dear list members,

I have done some research on an author who declares he wrote his work while
residing "in Kāmpilya, on the banks of the heavenly river".
I know there is a town called Kampil in Uttar Pradesh and I see in
GoogleMaps that it is not very far from a channel called Old Ganges. Apart
from GoogleMaps, other sources confirm the existence of a Kampil on the Old
Ganges and the usage of such denomination with regard to one or two
channels in that area of India. For these reasons, I assume I can safely
identify my author's town of residence with Kampil in UP.
However, considering that there is at least another channel that is known
as Old Ganges and that flows in present-day Bangladesh, now I'd like to
know more about the usage of the denomination Old Ganges. Is it simply that
every channel from which the bed of the river deviated at some point could
receive this label, or was/is there one channel that was/is the Old Ganges
par excellence?
I'd be interested in and grateful for any suggestions and references on
this issue.

Best wishes,
Gaia Pintucci

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