[INDOLOGY] Assistance required from the British Museum Library

Rolf Heinrich Koch rolfheiner.koch at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 12:37:54 UTC 2019

Dear colleagues (from the British Museum),
there seems to be one last chance to explain hell-paintings in Sri Lanka.
The 19th century monk Dhammaratana from a monastery at Talpe near Galle 
has written popular poems on buddhist hells.
Also I have been at that monastery several times, nobody of the monks 
could assist me in this matter.
Now I found a reference at the British Museum in London in this book:

Wickremasinghe 1901 Sinhalese printed books in the Library of the 
British Museum

the reference on p. 66: s.v. Dhammaratana:
----- Life of Dhammaratana with English translation of a few of his 
poems pp. 14
------Galle 1868  8°    10606.bb.2

Anybody from the British Museum probably may have a look at this small 
Any reference to a hell-poem?

Thank you for any assistance


Rolf Heinrich Koch


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