[INDOLOGY] searching for J.B. Chaudhuri's Rasa-jivana

Timothy Cahill tccahill at loyno.edu
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    If anyone has a soft copy of this book I would appreciate it.

The Rasika-jivana. Critically edited for the first time with copious
references, appendices, etc. by Jatindra Bimal Chaudhuri.
Author: son of Gaurīpati Gadādhara Bhaṭṭa
; Jatindrabimal Chaudhuri
Publisher: Calcutta [J.B. Chaudhuri] 1944.
    I have not yet repaired any electronic versions of book on archive.org
--but I hope to be able to do so soon. In the meantime Google has taken a
suggestion to permit open access to Richard Pischel's De grammaticis
prakriticis ... (1874).  Brianna of The Google Books Team writes:

We’ve completed our review of this book, and it has been approved for full
view. You should be able to view the complete contents here


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