[INDOLOGY] Request for edition pdfs

James Mallinson jm63 at soas.ac.uk
Thu Jul 11 13:46:49 UTC 2019

Dear colleagues,

Would anyone happen to have a soft copy of the following?

— Paraśurāmakalpasūtra with the commentary (-vṛrtti, Saubhāgyodaya) of Rāmeśvara, ed. A. Mahadeva Sastri, rev. and enl. Sakarlal Yajneswar Sastri Dave. Gaekwad’s Oriental Series 22. Baroda: Oriental Institute, 1950. [NB it’s the revised edition of 1950 I’m after, not the original 1923 ed.]

I’ve tried archive.org and the dli with no luck.

Yours, with best wishes,


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