[INDOLOGY] Revocation of membership

Dean Michael Anderson eastwestcultural at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 2 04:46:03 UTC 2019

 Sadly, I have to agree. Thank you.



Le 01/07/2019 à 05:49, Dean Michael Anderson a écrit :
 I have to say that this must cross some kind of line of accepted behavior on this list.
  I support the expression of a wide range of opinions, even if I don't agree with them. But even if I agreed with you, I would take exception at this kind of language and the vitriol. 
  From a practical perspective, it also vitiates any point you might be trying to make. 
  Dean Anderson

    On Tuesday, July 2, 2019, 12:34:51 AM GMT+5:30, Dominik Wujastyk via INDOLOGY <indology at list.indology.info> wrote:  
 The INDOLOGY Governing Committee has discussed the insulting and foul language used against another member by fournet.arnaud at wanadoo.fr (second time) and found it to be a breach of the forum's Guidelines, para 5.  His membership of this forum has been revoked.

Dominik WujastykINDOLOGY committee member on duty this week.

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