[INDOLOGY] Help needed with short passage in Sanskritized Gujarati

jacob at fabularasa.dk jacob at fabularasa.dk
Mon Feb 25 18:05:55 UTC 2019

Dear all,

I am looking for help with translating a short passage written in 
Sanskritized Gujarati on a 19th-century Jaina gyān bāzī chart (see 
original text in attachment):

विलि एह ज्ञांन चोपड़ना सुकन कार्ये शुभ क्षवाडु(?) भिक्ष व्यापारे देसे 
विदेसे पुन नाना भेदे शुकन जो ईई शुभ ऽशुभ फलानि ज्ञातव्या

My very tentative translation reads something along the lines of: "... 
one should perform the augury (Guj. sukan, Skt. śakuna) of jñān caupaṛ 
... one should know the various kinds of omens with regard to trade 
(Guj. vyāpāra = vepāra?), (staying) at home or abroad ... and their 
auspicious and inauspicious results."

Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Jacob Schmidt-Madsen
PhD Fellow
University of Copenhagen
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