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Roland Steiner steiner at
Mon Feb 25 10:35:55 UTC 2019

> I remember reading that, majority of the reference from Mahabharata  
> in Böhtlingk Roth, is untraceable in any editions is said by  
> Charudeva Sastry.

It is not the case. Instead, Lubomír Ondračka is absolutely correct:

"PW references to MBh are to the first complete edition prepared by  
Bengali pandits in Calcutta and published by various publishers in  
1834-39 in four volumes. This edition counts verses continuously  
within each parvan."

Example (chosen at random):

PW s.v. aṣṭāṅga:

"kaccid aṣṭāṅgasaṃyuktā caturvidhabalā camūḥ Mbh. 2, 197" (cp.  
Monier-Williams s.v. aṣṭāṅga: "[MBh. ii, 197]")

= Mahābhārata, [ed. Calcutta 1834, Vol. 1], 2 (= Sabhāparvan), verse 197

which corresponds to 2.5.53ab (crit. ed.) or 2.5.63ab (ed. Poona 1929,  
with Nīlakaṇṭha's commentary).

Roland Steiner

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