[INDOLOGY] Mahabharata referenes in Böhtlingk Roth

Harry Spier hspier.muktabodha at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 01:37:03 UTC 2019

Dear list members,

I'm trying to trace some Mahabharata references in  Böhtlingk and Roth but
i"m not clear how to translate their referencing format to whats in the
GRETIL edition from Muneo Tokunaga revised by John Smith.  The B-R
references are a digit (book number?) followed by a 5 digit number.  For
example, in B-R a Mahabharata reference is 3, 16461 but there is no
03,164.061 in the Tokunaga edition.

Any help in how to translate the B-R references to the Tokunaga verse
numbering system would be appreciated.

Harry Spier

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