[INDOLOGY] the Hārīta Dharmasūtra

Charles Li cchli at cantab.net
Fri Feb 22 21:55:01 UTC 2019

Dear all,

I've fallen into a bit of a rabbit hole looking into the 
dharmasūtra/dharmaśāstra attributed to Hārīta. Julius Jolly, in 1896, 
writes about a 17th-century manuscript of this text, complete in 30 


But it does not seem to have ever been published. However, I found this 
1994 book that seems to make reference to specific passages from the 
30th chapter of the Hārīta Dharmasūtra:


This definitely seems to be referring to the abovementioned 30-chapter 
text, rather than to shorter works attributed to Hārīta (such as the 
Hārītasaṃhitā, Laghuhārītasmṛti, Vṛddhahārītasmṛti, etc.) Does anyone 
know if any work has been done on the Hārīta Dharmasūtra in the past 
hundred years or so? Jolly published a collection of quotations from it 
in 1890 (/Abhandlungen der philosophisch-philologischen Classe der 
Königlich Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften/ 18), but I have been 
unable to access it.



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