[INDOLOGY] Helmut Humbach's photos of Sanskrit MSS in the Kabul museum

DIEGO LOUKOTA SANCLEMENTE diegoloukota at ucla.edu
Thu Feb 21 13:32:58 UTC 2019

  Dear list members,

  I have been recently told that in the 1950s Helmut Humbach—otherwise
known to most as an eminent Iranianist—took photographs of Sanskrit
fragments from Bāmiyān in the Kabul museum. Does anyone know if those
photographs have been published? If not, does anyone know where are those
photographs deposited? Mainz? There should be at least partial overlap with
the documents presented in Sylvain Lévi's "Notes sur les manuscrits
sanscrits provenant de Bāmiyan et de Gilgit," *Journal Asiatique* 220,
1932.1, p.1 ff.). Given the sad history of the museum, many of these
fragments may be lost; some, I have also been told, ended up in the Schøyen
collection in Sweden and were returned to the museum a few years ago.
Apparently there are more photos of these MSS, but I would just like to
know about this Humbach set. Any help would be sincerely appreciated!


  Diego Loukota

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