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Dear Colleagues,

I would like to point out two new publications in the Indica et  

== Indica et Tibetica (IeT) 57 ==
Compounds and Compounding in Old Tibetan.
A Corpus Based Approach.
By Joanna Bialek.
Marburg 2018. 2 Vols. 586 + 610 pp.
ISBN 978-3-923776-59-7 & 978-3-923776-60-3
Price: 136 Euro

Old Tibetan documents are the oldest extant monuments of the Tibetan  
language. Their exploration, although successfully flourishing in the  
last two decades, has been considerably impeded by often  
unintelligible and obsolete vocabulary that was bound to the  
particular cultural and political context of the Tibetan Empire that  
collapsed in the 840s CE. The present publication aims at clarifying a  
part of this vocabulary by examining nearly 400 Old Tibetan compounds.  
In Part I an attempt has been undertaken to define a compound and to  
provide the first linguistic classification of Old Tibetan compounds.  
Part II concentrates on a lexicological analysis of the compounds and  
strives to explain their etymology, word-formation, and usage in Old  

== Indica et Tibetica (IeT) 58 ==
Bhāskarakaṇṭhas Cittānubodhaśāstra. Kritische Edition der ersten drei  
Kapitel nebst Erstedition des Autokommentars.
Von Stanislav Jager. Marburg 2018. xv, 407 S.
ISBN 978-3-923776-61-0
Price: 52 Euro

The Kashmiri scholar Rājānaka Bhāskarakaṇṭha (fl. 1725–1775) has been  
known and appreciated above all as a commentator on important  
philosophical works. Less well-known is his independent philosophical  
masterpiece Cittānubodhaśāstra, which, containing nearly 5,000 stanzas  
in 15 chapters, is of considerable extent. Standing in the  
autochthonous tradition of the Pratyabhijñā doctrine founded by  
Utpaladeva and further developed by Abhinavagupta, he does not  
hesitate to set his own marks, though. The present book features the  
critical edition of the Sanskrit text of the first three chapters of  
this work and, for the first time, the corresponding auto-commentary.

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