[INDOLOGY] " Story of my Sanskrit" at BVP conference

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Dear Colleagues,

This is the direct response to the "Open Forum" that has been staged in Vancouver last year. Thanks to the organisers for sharing the link of the event. It is an eye-opening sharing of personal experiences of young women studying/researching/teaching Sanskrit  in Indian Academia. The personal stories narrated by these women inform us the current trend of Sanskrit studies in India. Statistics suggests that more than 60% female students are studying and same no of women are enjoying faculty position in some states like Maharashtra, Kerala, and WestBengal. Two among these five women do not belong to so called upper cast (as they narrate). They are speaking in Sanskrit fluently. They are encouraged to study Veda, Shastras along with others. No discrimination is experienced. This is the REAL story of Sanskrit. 

https://youtu.be/jVq7OjL3Oz4 <https://youtu.be/jVq7OjL3Oz4>

Interestingly NO response/feedback/discussion is initiated. Other part of the continued story is the Mahila Vakyartha Goshthi. The exposition of Shastrarthas by these young women was astonishing. You will really wonder to experience the quality of presentation of ideas without any error or confusion at any point. The clarity and exhibition of confidence are beyond words. These are “unheard voices” in real sense. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaOuxiYbVpo <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaOuxiYbVpo>

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMp9ngdvzSc <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMp9ngdvzSc>

I appreciate the response from scholarly fraternity on these events. 

Warm regards,
Shrinivasa Varakhedi

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> On the day three of the BVP conference at Udupi , a session with the theme " Whose Sanskrit is it anyway? " was organised. It was an all women session. A few women Sanskrit scholars spoke autobiographically about their own personal journey into and through this field. 
> They highlighted how it is more women than men most Sanskrit universities and departments. 
> They spoke about the encouragement they received from the teachers, family members and society. 
> https://youtu.be/jVq7OjL3Oz4 <https://youtu.be/jVq7OjL3Oz4>
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