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Annual Lecture and Workshop 2019

*19th Annual Jaina Lecture*

*Jainism and Money: Precept and Practice*

*Dr Richard Fynes (SOAS)*
When? Fri 22 March 2019, 6pm
Where? Room BGLT, College Buildings, SOAS University of London
Open to? Students, scholars, public, alumni
Registration This event is free but registration is required

Ānanda, the paradigmatic Jain layman who is the subject of the first
section of the Śvetāmbara canonical text the Upāsakadaśāḥ, is characterised
by his extreme wealth or rather by his possession of money in the form of
gold pieces: 120 million of them to be exact. Ānanda’s possession of such a
large amount of money makes his eventual renunciation all the more
impressive. In Jainism there is a symbiosis between wealth and
renunciation. This paper seeks to explore this symbiosis in the light of
theoretical approaches to the sociology of money. The forms of money are
protean; they range from Ānanda’s tangible money in the shape of coins with
a positive intrinsic value to today’s largely invisible money, which
depends on a negative concept, debt, for its value. The paper will attempt
to survey the interface between Jain ethical values and money in its
various forms.
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*21st Jaina Studies Workshop*

*Jainism and Money*
When? Sat 23 March 2019, 9am
Where? Room BGLT, College Buildings, SOAS University of London
Open to? Students, scholars, public, alumni
Registration This event is free but registration is required


*First Session: Monks and Merchants*

9:00am Tea and Coffee
9:15am *Johannes Bronkhorst *(University of Lausanne, Switzerland) - *Two
Uses of Anekāntavāda*
9:45am *Christine Chojnacki *(University of Lyon, France) - *A Successful
Investment: Jain Merchants and the Transmission of Long Medieval Narratives*
10:15am *Aleksandra Restifo *(University of Oxford) - *Disentangling Poetry
from Profit in Jain Monks’ Literary Works*
10:45am Tea and Coffee

*Second Session: Jaina-Philanthropy*
11:15am *Basile Leclère *(University of Lyon, France) - *The Gold of Gods:
Stories of Temple Financing from Jain Prabandhas*
11:45am *Bindi Shah *(University of Southampton) - *Enacting Contemporary
Jain Religiosity through Philanthropy in the Diaspora*
12:15pm *Christopher Chapple *(Loyola University, Los Angeles) - *Jain
Philanthropic Support of Higher Education in North America*
12:45pm Group Photo
1:00pm Lunch

*Third Session: Money and Karma*
2:00pm *Whitney Kelting *(Eastern University, Boston) - *Money, Piety, and
Masculinity in Jain Maharashtra*
2:30pm *William G. Clarence-Smith* (SOAS) - *Jainism and the Pearling
Economy, 19th and 20th Centuries*
3:00pm *Peter Flügel *(SOAS) - *Selling and Buying: Karmic Fruits of
3:30pm Tea and Coffee

*Fourth Session: Money, Wealth, Ethics*
4:00pm Roundtable Discussion - *Sam Whimster *(chair)*, Abay
Firodia, Meghnad Jagdishchandra Desai, Michael Mainelli, Andrew
McMurtrie and others *

*Fifth Session: Jaina Economics*
5:00pm *Atul Shah *(City University, London) - *Aparigraha: Understanding
the Nature and Limits of Money*
5:30pm Roundtable Discussion - *Marcus Banks *(chair)*, Miten Shah, Ellis
Dee, Georgeou, Sagar K. Shah and others *
6:30pm Final Remarks
Further details / registration
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