[INDOLOGY] Extension of Sanskrit Heritage tools with connection to Amba Kulkarni's parser

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Dear Gérard,
Congratulations on updating your non-paninian generative device!
Something is indeed still going wrong with
However, in the case of "ubhaya", the lexical information that "ubhaya" in
dual is very rare (though acc. to MW not entirely unattested) is a
lexicographic annotation which does not affect the grammatical generation
of its forms.
And, logically, "two" is the lower limit of the number of separate things
that can be "of two kinds"... which ubhau would express as being simply two
in number, not also as "of two kinds"...
Best, Jan

On Fri, 18 Jan 2019 at 19:17, Walter Slaje via INDOLOGY <
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> Certainly a welcome development, but
> > this wonderful grammatical analysis
> really calls for a thorough revision before activating it. The very few
> searches I could make yielded inexplicable, in parts unbelievably wrong
> results. Anyone may see for themselves if they just test the declension of
> "adas", "idam", "ubhaya" (displaying dual forms, but no fem.), "sarvā"
> (fem.), "dos / doṣan", "anaḍuh", "asthi", and many more. In the hands of
> Sanskrit beginners who lack grammatical training this database will do
> more harm than good. I can only warn against its use until it has seen a
> very careful revision by experts.
> Kind regards,
> WS
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