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This is beautiful!

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> Dear all,
> a new version of the DCS has been released using a new URL:
> http://www.sanskrit-linguistics.org/dcs/
> Better to memorize, anyway!
> The new version contains a number of Vedic texts, including the RV,
> larger parts of the Shaunakiya version of the AV, and related stuff.
> Be careful: Some citations of these texts have gone wrong (e.g. ShBr
> 5.2.1 instead of the correct citation 2.5.1). This is a bug in the
> export routine, and I hope to fix it at some point.
> Moreover, the DCS now has a built-in functionality to annotate syntactic
> dependencies, using the Universal Dependency tag set (see here:
> https://universaldependencies.org/). Some sample annotations are
> attached to the first hymns of the first book of the AV; check, for
> instance, AVS 1.1.
> I feel that having dep. anno for larger parts of the Sanskrit corpus
> would be of enormous use for linguistic research. So, if you would like
> to add dependencies on some texts of the DCS, please contact me for
> login credentials and access to the preliminary version of the
> annotation guidelines (Latex). You may even train a neural network based
> dependency annotator, which greatly speeds up annotation (but,
> unfortunately, does not seem to run in all browsers => Anybody
> acquainted with tensorflowJS and willing to improve it?)
> All annotations will be released on github along with the rest of the
> corpus.
> Best, Oliver
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