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Dear Taylor,

this is not an answer to your question, but on a related note:

Some decades ago, a colleague told me that he wondered about the many birds in a South Indian manuscript library — until he noticed that they were eating the bookworms...

Similarly, in our 40 decades long Nepal German Manuscript Preservation Project (now at: https://www.manuscript-cultures.uni-hamburg.de/index_e.html), tired of specifying damages by hand, I finally printed on our catalog cards:
“damaged by worms, rats, fire, water” — and crossed out the items that did not apply...



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Dear Colleagues,

I once read somewhere words to the effect that the most ardent consumer of Sanskrit manuscripts was His Majesty the Bookworm. Does this ring a bell? Can anyone help me locate a reference for this?

Please reply off-list.

Thanks in advance,


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