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Dear list members,

I am wondering about appearances of the word "saśarīra" and/or "svaśarīra"
in various contexts.  I have encountered saśarīra/svaśarīra in the episodes
of Triśaṅku and Śambūka from the *Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa*, but would be curious
to know of other places where these or similar concepts show up.  In both
of these episodes, the goal of Triśaṅku and Śambūka is to enter some sort
of heavenly realm or divine form (variously referred to as divam, gatim,
svargam, devatvam etc.) with their body.  Also in these episodes, Triśaṅku
and Śambūka have gone rogue to engage in *tapas *as a way of achieving this

An example from each of the *Rāmāyaṇa* episodes:

guruśāpakṛtaṃ rūpaṃ yad idaṃ tvayi vartate |
anena saha rūpeṇa saśarīro gamiṣyasi || VR 1.58.4 (Triśaṅku episode)

śūdrayonyāṃ prasūto 'smi tapa ugraṃ samāsthitaḥ |
devatvaṃ prārthaye rāma saśarīro mahāyaśaḥ || VR 7.67.2 (Śambūka episode)

I am especially curious about the use of "saśarīra" in similar ways, but I
am open to any use of the term from the literature at large.

With thanks in advance,

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