[INDOLOGY] Ships going from England to India in the early 19th century

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Thanks to everyone who responded to me on and off the list.


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Dear Greg,

The EIC records in the British Library have a whole series (L/MAR/B) of ship logs, which usually record passengers' names.  Note, however, that these are only for East Indiamen (i.e. EIC ships).  Private ships are not included, and, given that Frederick Taylor appears to have been a businessman, he may well have traveled by private ship.

The Asiatic Journal, which can be read online, included notices of passengers on ships bound for India and arriving from India.  I don't know if those included ships other than East Indiamen, but it might be a good place to start, if only to find the date of Taylor's departure.  The EIC ship logs in the BL are not just a few volumes, but a library.

Good luck,

On 11/28/19 5:12 PM, Greg Bailey via INDOLOGY wrote:
Dear List,

I don’t know if anyone can help me with this question out of left field.

A friend is trying to find information on one Frederick Taylor who was involved in massacres of Australian aborigines (there is a Wikipedia entry on this).  Apparently he was in India in the 1820s and had connections in the East India company.

I am not sure how to access the old East India records–now part of the British Library–as these might be of some use.  If anyone can enlighten me on this it would be very much appreciated.


Greg Bailey

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