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jmdelire jmdelire at ulb.ac.be
Sun Apr 21 18:48:03 UTC 2019

Dear list,

I supposed this announcement is some kind of joke, for I received this 
mail on 14 April morning, while the deadline for submission is 15 April 
Or is there a complementary information I don't have, like a 
postponement of the deadline ?

Best regards,

Dr Jean Michel Delire,
Lecturer on Science and civilization of India at the University of 

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Various academic programmes have been instituted at the Bhandarkar
Oriental Research Institute (BORI), thanks to the generous funding
received from the Infosys Foundation for specialized research in thrust
areas such as


1.    Indological Studies 

2.    Buddhist Studies

3.    The study of India’s cultural relations with other Asian
countries in the ancient and early medieval period, and

4.    The comparative study of religions.


An announcement of various positions has been made on the website of the
BORI. The same is being made on national and international internet
platforms and is being sent to scholars in India and abroad.


Curriculum Vitae along with detailed project proposals shall be invited
from reputed scholars.


Interested scholars are requested to send a letter of interest to the
Honorary Secretary of the BORI expressing his / her desire to conduct
research at the BORI, together with a current CV and detailed research
project. Names of eligible scholars may also be suggested by others with
their CVs and detailed research projects. The format of the research
project proposal is also available on BORI’s website. 


The Search-cum-Selection Committee is authorised to nominate a scholar
and possesses the right to accept or reject any name and/or research


All other details regarding remuneration, logistics, etc. are being
uploaded on the website of BORI and have also been attached herewith.


For more information and queries, please contact:


Honorary Secretary

Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute
812, Shivaji Nagar, Chiplunkar Road,
Near ILS Law College, Pune 411004 (India)
Phone: +91-20-25656932

warm regards,

Shrinivasa Varakhedi
Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University
Ramtek, Nagpur, Maharatshtra

(Recipient of Presidents Award)
Professor in Shastra and Former Dean (Academics)
Karnataka Samskrita University,
Bengaluru - 560018

Mobile : +91-94853-01353
Ph Off :  +91-7722011353

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